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Florigo is a leader in developing and manufacturing frying ranges. The continually expanding range of options makes Florigo a valued supplier to the fast-food market. Fish and chip shops, snackbars, cafeteria's as well as restaurants and other catering outlets benefit from the flexibility of the equipment.


With decades of experience Florigo are becoming more and more recognised for producing bespoke flexible solutions with the requirements of the customer always being the starting point. The three Goes brothers own Florigo, each with their own area of expertise. Their father, Floris Goes senior started the company in 1951. A history of experience, expertise, loyalty and reliability for more than half a century!

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Options to meet your needs

Ongoing modernization of Florigo's own machinery, as well as highly trained technical staff with extensive knowledge of different heating systems, guarantee a high-quality finished product: reliable equipment with the solution to your needs.

Highest Standards

Florigo's High-Efficiency pans carry the quality labels High Efficiency and Low NOx trace. NOx are the poisonous fumes created by the combustion process and the lower the trace the more efficient and safer the burn. Using the latest technology, Florigo succeeded in developing a frying range that exceeds the highest standards.
Linked with Florigo's legendary quality a new option has been made available called " The HE (High Efficiency)-Plus pan." A pan that pays for itself by combining high capacity with savings on gas consumption. This has received compliments and credits from "the Gasunie" (Dutch Gas-board). The gas savings lead to a lower Nox that conforms to and exceeds European emission standards.

Excellent reputation

Test frying facilities for different options and a showroom are available at the Florigo factory. Recently installed production equipment simplifies the initial fabrication of the parts prior to the range being assembled by hand. The frying ranges feature systems such as Florigo's built-in oil/fat filtration, open line frying, direct vapour extraction and electronic digital controls. As a result of the manufacturing quality and the market expertise, Florigo has built up an excellent reputation Nationally and Internationally.